Spring Meadow flowering shrub liners are known by wholesale nursery growers for their consistent, well branched habit and vigor. Products. N Welcome A. { You may have noticed that our logo has changed. Toggle navigation Search. SEND Enquiries: Please contact Alice Carter (SENCo) via the main office number. Spring Meadow Nursery has 27 new Proven Winners ColorChoice shrub varieties available for the 2020 season. Terms & Conditions. If your looking to learn how the best of the best do it, SMN is a great place to work! 'sitekey' : '6LeG41YUAAAAAKFP_OkmW0ATOH35mY-N1wioyHvG' Liners available now! Spring Meadow Nursery is your home for flowering shrub innovations in liners, new plants, and more. Wholesale nursery plugs and liners with the best consistency. It’s not the first time. for( var i = 0; i