Inside, two versions of the 54 will be offered for 1998: a Classic sportfisher and the Cruise edition with different salon treatments. Bertram was a competitive sailor and owned a yacht brokerage firm, outside of Miami that he started in 1947. Over the years, the company has passed through a number of owners — some good and some not so good. Create email alert. The cockpit has an engine box in the aft section that makes access to the twin diesels easy. Bertram boats for sale 295 Boats Available. In 1958, while participating in one of his races, Richard Bertram noticed a 23-foot long beauty and immediately fell in love with. Copyright © 1999-2021 Boats Group. Save This Boat. Not only did he organize but he also participated and won the race. On the flybridge, the 54 keeps the tournament arrangement with the helm console (oversized to handle electronics) set well aft and a forward lounge area for guests. Bertram - Sport Fish. The Bertram-Bots are robots designed by Ravi on an alternate future to help Bertram with his chores. New (Other) C $29.04 to C $35.64. He doesn't however, he seems to like Jessie sometimes, though he sometimes gives her advice, not knowing his intentions and mistakes where she is from. Despite the ups and downs and the acquisition changes, Bertram continues to be a popular yacht brand. Designed by Ray Hunt and named Hunter, the 23-footer was a semi-production boat serving as the tender for Easterner, another America's Cup contender. Bertram left after his success and the factory came to a standstill. While he was studying at Cornell University, he founded Cornell’s very own Corinthian Yacht Club. On the Bertram 60, the salon layout remains the same for both the Classic and Cruise editions although, as with the 54, the former gets the traditional teak interior while the latter gets a lighter more Euro look. Call us on +1-305-857-8939 to book an appointment today! To own a Bertram, reach out to our expert yacht brokers now. Bertram is the Ross family's lazy and grouchy butler, who seems to care very little for the kids and calls them "The Nanny Killers". Their first step for the new management was to toss out the deadwood of aging and uncompetitive boats from the line. New (Other) C $22.11 to C $35.31. With offshore yachtsman Carleton Mitchell joining Bertram and Griffith, Moppie got her baptism in the 1960 Miami-Nassau Race that would see one boat burn, another would swamp, and all but six would turn back before going even ten miles into the ferocious Gulf Stream. Bertram has an interesting history, for it was one of the three first production boat companies to start up in 1961 along with Hatteras and the Henry Hinckley Company, Our Bertram Yachts listing is a great opportunity to purchase a 67' Sport Fishing for sale in Palm Beach, Florida - United States. This laid the foundation of Bertram Yachts. The Bertram 54 has been an outstanding design since it was first introduced 17 years ago and, over the years, the yacht has proven to be a success on the tournament circuit as well as a benchmark in rough water performance. Bertram Boats for Sale in British Columbia by owner, dealer, and broker. 1989. Save This Boat. With a 17 degrees deadrise hull by Dave Napier, the 54 has undergone numerous changes and upgrades over the years. From United States. Bertram Yachts later went on to build new boats. Contact. State Florida. Discover Bertram Boats Boat Parts on sale right here with the biggest choice of Bertram Boats Boat Parts anywhere online. The flybridge on the two 60s remains the same although the Cruise style has a U-shaped seating area with a hi-low table in place of the L-shaped lounge on the tournament Classic. The Italian group changed everything and built some amazing models. This boat is a genuine classic, turning heads while you are cruising, fishing or at the dock. Under the new ownership of Intek S.p.a., an Italian industrial management company, however, Bertram appears to be on the mend. After this incident, Nautec purchased Bertram and started the facility again. In 2015, the Gavio Group got hold of all Bertram’s assets and planned to introduce some new models. 44.2101598°N 12.101912°E Ferretti S.p.A. (trading as Ferretti Group) is an Italian multinational shipbuilding company headquartered in Forlì which specialises in the design, construction and sale of luxury motor yachts. Search and compare prices for bertram Boats in Australia. The legend was born in April 1960 during the 172-mile Miami-Nassau race, when Bertram’s 31-foot Moppie knifed through 8-foot seas and a 30-knot wind to finish two-and-a-half-hours ahead of its nearest rival. He asked the designer, C. Raymond Hunt, to design one for him. He has spared no expense and the boat show it. Advertisement. In addition, a 72-foot convertible may re-enter the line, and Bertram is working on styling concepts for a motoryacht, a model that the company dropped in the mid-80s, as well as an express-cruiser version of the 60. With the corporate decision to focus on the larger convertible sportfisher market as well as to introduce European styling, the fate of Bertram Yachts falls squarely on the time-proven shoulders of the 54 and 60, two yachts now moved closer to the millennium with facelifts and fresh makeup. Find Bertram Flybridge Cruiser boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. With the winds gusting well over 20 knots, the little boat was unfazed by the 6-foot seas. Miami International Yacht Sales - New & Used Yacht for Sale. Bertram's model was intended to be different (as evidenced by his Learning Curve model), but due to the company's budget, his model was recycled from Duke's, but with Smudger'sface. In the 38 years since Bertram Yachts opened its doors, much has changed. Bertram boats are famous for their Sport Fishing, Convertible, Saltwater Fishing, Flybridge and Cruisers. He had successfully associated his name with the title of ‘Champion’. Bertram boats for sale in Canada 2 Boats Available. Browse our wide and ever growing selection today by using the filters on the left hand side. The iconic US builder is known for its famed Moppie yachts, built from 1960 to 1990s. function doGTranslate(lang_pair){if(lang_pair.value)lang_pair=lang_pair.value;if(lang_pair=='')return;var lang=lang_pair.split('|')[1];if(GTranslateGetCurrentLang() == null && lang == lang_pair.split('|')[0])return;var teCombo;var sel=document.getElementsByTagName('select');for(var i=0;i