Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Luxurious Spa Pool Spoil yourself with a luxurious spa pool in your own garden. [EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2020 the Intex pool cost $58 at Walmart, and is still out of stock.] The blow-up pool is easy to set up and inflates in … We are not paid by Aldi or receive free goods or services from Aldi. If you find yourself perusing the ALDI shelves in the near future, you’ll want to be on the lookout for this Bestway Deluxe Blue Rectangular Family Pool selling for just $22.99! Jump To: Home Goods - Valentine's Day - Apparel - Kids & Baby - Alcohol - Bakery Desserts - Fresh Meat and Seafood - Frozen Foods - Deli - Pantry Essentials … Sadly, when things go wrong with special buys like this, the manufacturer is normally quite useless for getting it fixed; best bet is to just return it to the store for money back and try again. © Aldi Reviewer. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "joshofstl-20"; Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Aldi Cage Free, Organic, and Free Range Eggs, Open Thread: ProForm 205 CST Smart Treadmill, This Week at Aldi: The Ad for February 3, 2021, Fremont Fish Market Whole and Raw Maine Lobster. I bought an eight foot round/30-inch tall Intex Easy-Set pool from Ebay this year. The only other pet pool that we have a record of … Aldi says this 12ft Intex swimming pool is the ideal way to keep cool this summer. Mine has worked out wonderfully. The rectangle pool is approximately 80″ x 60″ and about 2-feet deep. Summer Waves Pools are available now in stores. Your email address will not be published. The hexagon pool is approximately 80″ x 80″ and about 2- feet deep. Packed with features, including 120 air jets, water conditioning and automatic heating, it holds up to 4 adults, all of whom … It’s a great sized pool and I love it except for the leaking and small filter. I would have loved to take that 1100 gallons and poured it on their heads in their office. The Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool is an Aldi Find, meaning it’s only in stores for a short time. Which is why … Please see our Privacy Policy. Some links in this post may be affiliate links. A “SkimmerPlus Filter Pump” for a “powerful cleaning action.” Dirty pool water and debris (leaves, insects, other impurities) enter the SkimmerPlus Filter. Walmart also sells this Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool for $48 at the time of publication (although it was out of stock at the time of writing). Also, make sure the ground is very level and smooth. Need some more of the larger above ground pools. The Aldi pool … They always provide an inadequate pump. I leveled a spot by digging away from higher areas, then put down cardboard to keep grass or weeds from growing through, then put down a layer of closed-cell foam for comfort, then put the pool on top of that. The publicity photos released by Aldi show multiple people enjoying these pools at the same time. Shop low prices on award-winning products at ALDI. Head to ALDI where you may find this Intex Easy Set Pool with included pump & filter for JUST $49.99! Perfect for families and gardens where space is at a premium. In the morning we realized that the pool was leaking from two areas under the pool. Snag a serious bargain with the 10′ Quick Set Pool priced at just … amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; It requires a pump of 0.75hp/550W or flow of 6m³/hr (1600gal/hr) as a minimum to operate. One tip is to immediately buy a larger filter pump. 25/07/2020. Weight: 29.8kg (approx.) ALDI is urging Australians to ‘Christmas like it’s 2019’ in its new Holiday campaign. It has three out of five stars, and a large majority of reviewers complained about the pool leaking, both from the inflatable top ring and/or from the lower section, and many times the leaking happened the first time they used the pool. 4 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews. More pools are coming to U.S. Aldi … This blog is dedicated to all the best Aldi Finds for Aldi Fans and includes the latest Aldi Ad, new products, Aldi Reviews, Aldi Recipes featuring Aldi brands and Aldi News. Too small to fit a can or water bottle. Among them is a mid-sized name-brand pool at a cheap price. These Crane inflatable pools come in two variations — the blue rectangle pool show above, and the green hexagon pool below. It holds 7,200 litres of water and comes with a cartridge filter pump to help keep the pool clean. According to Aldi, the pool’s … If you have experience with this pool, please leave us a comment and let us know how it’s worked for you. If your store sells out, that’s probably all the stock that will be available until Aldi features the item as an Aldi Find again. Large debris are caught in the removable built in skimmer. $260.99 reg $369.99. I haven't gotten a chance to swim in it, because of course there's huge thunderstorms sweeping the area today, but I'm really impressed with the quality for $50. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Aldi or its subsidiaries. Some people bought patches, but often the patches did not solve the problems. I don’t know why I never got one before; I’m a person that always sets up a splash pool in the summer. 13 February Aldi Food Finds to Add to Your List, Aldi Is Bringing Us Breakfast Meatballs, and We Honestly Didn’t Know We Needed Them, A Treadmill, Whole Lobsters, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week, Aldi Is Out Here Killing the Comforter Game With These Velvet Beauties, Who Needs Reservations? Keep a cover on your pool when not in use, and skim off and vacuum up dirt. Intex 28201EH 10ft x 30in Metal Frame Round 4 Person Outdoor Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump and Pool Maintenance Kit. Now ALDI has a way to create a water park in your backyard. I know it is not exactly what was offered at Aldi. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Make your pool dreams a reality this summer with great deals from Aldi! Well your dream could be realised with this Intex 12 foot Metal Swimming Pool. This pool comes with a durable steel frame, PVC slides and a … Feel free to contact us at with questions, comments or partnerships. A quick look over at Amazon — 35% of the reviews there are 1 star — shows similar complaints. I will say, the cup holder/can holder was absolutely useless. Learn more. Aldi are helping us beat the heat during this heatwave by bringing back their Intex 12 foot Metal Swimming Pool for just £89.99 in stores this Sunday. A very comfortable lounge what with the high back, headrest, and armrests. amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products"; Von #Mytest4u Man braucht ca. Just buy one larger than recommended for the pool size. Remember that Aldi typically only gets a few of any larger Aldi Finds items. Going into this review, it was my original intention to review a Crane pool, as Crane is one of Aldi’s house brands. Aldi is Selling Heart-Shaped Pizza for Valentine’s Day. No leaks. Aldi is selling this huge swimming pool for under £90 – er, and an inflatable kayak Lucy Searle. Greater Manchester declares major incident in preparation for Storm Christoph. Walmart’s site states the pool’s filter pump also includes a cartridge with built-in chlorinator, and that the filter cartridge should be replaced every two weeks. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "summer waves pool"; Copyright © 2021 Aldi Aisle of Shame on the Foodie Pro Theme, Splish, Splash, Dash: More Swimming Pools are Headed to Aldi, « ALL the Lemon Items Coming to Aldi in July, Aldi is Selling a Frozen Version of Mexican Street Corn ». It sounds like the quality of these pools is hit-or-miss; if you get a good one, that’s great, and if not, you might have problems. Reviewers on Walmart’s site also talked about how important it is to set up the pool on a perfectly level surface, and how difficult it is to achieve that. Upcoming ALDI Finds 02/03/21 - 02/09/21. It waste of time and water. You should not have to empty it until the end of the season. Some Aldi stores set out items a day or two early, so keep this in mind and know your local store’s policy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2020 Aldi sold the Intex Easy Set Pool, which looks nearly identical to the 2019 Summer Waves pool. Aldi Finds are typically “one and done” as far as shipments go. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Judging by all the talk in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group, we’re guessing swimming pool manufacturers will remember 2020 as the year they couldn’t work fast enough. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please help me. window.fd('form', { With public pools and water parks closed around the country due to the pandemic, there is an unprecedented demand for backyard versions. Intex. Your email address will not be published. Coming with all the accessories that you need to cover it up and keep it clean, the swimming pool is also made from a … Well heads up, Aldi shoppers. This inflatable splash park has a sprinkler that drenches you while you run around on the grass, a water slide with water coming out of its side and an inflatable pool … These Crane pools will be priced at $16.99, and as we said above, they are set to be released on July 1. The Aldi price is as cheap as we can find anywhere else. This Week's ALDI Finds 01/27/21 - 02/02/21. The Aisle of Shame is a fun reference to the center aisle of Aldi with seasonal merchandise that changes from week to week. Keep the pool properly treated with chlorine. It’s not a bad idea to ask a manager or Aldi employee when your store stocks it’s new Aldi Finds each week. Required fields are marked *. A quick glance at the reviews of this pool on Walmart’s site, though, gives us pause. They jerks made me waste 1100 gallons of water. A few also mentioned the pump seems a bit on the small side for the size of the pool. But the sheer number of complaints about this pool leaking are, by far, the biggest deterrent to my family purchasing it. Happily, Aldi is great about returns. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0f63b74bfa81b0c821cb1689d4895af" );document.getElementById("jbe4e47837").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. You’re ready to take a dip in the pool (with a cool drink, of course). Every year we buy a new one just to stay cool. In late spring, Aldi sells a number of swimming-related items, including swimming pools. This is an Aldi Find, which means it will only be in stores for a short time. If your neighborhood or public pools … This paddling pool has an integrated headrest, cup holder and window for relaxing on those summer days and nights, and is designed to fit all the family in so you can relax whilst little ones play and enjoy … The eight synchronised swimming Santas is another gift in Aldi's Christmas sack - following its long-standing tradition of showing Santa enjoying a truly Aussie Christmas. Intex 12ft Metal Frame Pool, £89.99 at Aldi This easy to construct, durable steel frame pool is just the thing for a warm day at home with the family and is a great spot for little ones to practice their strokes … More pools are coming to U.S. Aldi stores on July 1. Aufbau des INTEX® Swimmingpool mit Metallrahmen. We love hearing from other Aldi fans! Change out or wash the filter frequently. formId: '5d56253e705f62000fd34d0f', I purchased this pool from Aldi and unfortunately have had problems with the inflated rim…it has leaked since day one and I have to pump it up sometimes 2-3 times a day. The discounter's large paddling pool costs £29.99 and it even comes with free delivery. The new campaign features Santa, albeit synchronised swimming in a pool, as opposed to his usual … Set yourself up for a refreshing summer with an intex easy set inflatable pool. Aldi has carried several different versions of swimming pools this summer, and they have sold out almost instantly each time. Aldi has carried several different versions of swimming pools this summer, and they have sold out almost instantly each time. I am disabled and my little pool for therapy held up for 5 years but something happened and now I cannot find another one ANYWHERE! It was so relaxing to float in the pool. amzn_assoc_linkid = "95f1a0ea70481b45b03f23bcf5730227"; Mine was setup and filled with water at sunrise. : Ø 3,66 x 0,84 m, Wasserkapazität ca. If the pool is dried out well and stored indoors over the winter, it should be fine for several seasons. This is listed as one of ALDI’s Weekly Specials for June 10th, but it is already available in our local stores so you may want to hurry in and check now if you had this on your list. Your summer holiday might not be until September, but the chances are you've been spending your overdraft on sandals, sangria and swimsuits since you booked the flights. Don’t store it outdoors or in an unheated garage or shed, or the vinyl can crack. Each year they’re made cheaper and cheaper. View our weekly specials, find recipes, and shop quality brands in store or online. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; This pool is not an Aldi exclusive — it is available at a number of other outlets, including hardware stores, big box stores, and Amazon. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; This inflatable … But if you want one of these all to yourself for outdoor relaxation, know that you can take your summer fruit wines with you — these Aldi swimming pools come equipped with a cup holder! I did buy my pool float at Aldi and loved it! Other outlets sell it, including Walmart and Amazon, although Aldi has the best price. The year 2020 is sure to be remembered for many things. FAMILIES can now let their little ones cool down in the safety of their own back gardens thanks to Aldi's jumbo paddling pools. Never again will I buy another Summer Waves 10′ x 30″ dough pool or any other product from Polygroup. How about a giant, colorful doughnut? Jump To: Home Goods - Sports & Outdoor Activities - Personal Care - Alcohol - Beverages - Bakery & Bread - Dairy & Eggs - Fresh Meat and Seafood - … Cool off this summer with this Intex 12ft Metal Frame Pool. … Setting up takes about 10 minutes: you’ll need to inflate the top ring, then fill with water and watch the pool … I especially love the hole in the foot area that allows you to put your feet in the water or keep them out, as needed to keep cool. Your email address will not be published. Even better is if you can find a pool that doesn’t even come with a pump, so you don’t have to throw away or get rid of the inadequate pump. The Aldi Find Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool is not exclusively sold at Aldi. You want to soak up the sun’s rays after your refreshing swim, so you decide to hop on a pool float. These Aldi swimming pools will provide lots of backyard fun! Aisle of Shame is not affiliated with Aldi in any way, nor do we work for Aldi. The Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool is an Aldi Find, meaning it’s only in stores for a short time. containerEl: document.querySelector('#fd-form-5d56253e705f62000fd34d0f') The exact … Never have to struggle setting up a pool again with this clever Intex 10 Foot Quick Set Up Pool. All opinions are our own. The Heart to Tail Collapsible Pet Pool cost $12.99 in July of 2020. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; However, based on the majority of the pool’s reviews on Walmart and Amazon — with many users complaining of multiple leaks that patch kits are unable to fix — I will be staying away from this pool. This easy-set pool is far superior to hard-sided kiddie pools and to blow-up pools like the rectangle one I bought from Aldi this year. According to Aldi, the pool’s features include: The pool costs $39.99 at the time of publication. For scoops, rakes, brushes and vacuum heads, ALDI offers a Telescopic Pool … Well heads up, Aldi shoppers. The sun is shining. The size is perfect for a medium yard, and set up of the pool … Aldi also sells a few small swimming pools. This 12ft pool is easy to construct in your back garden. Like I said, I bought my 8-foot pool from a different retailer, but if Aldi offers the 10-foot pool next year I will definitely buy one from them (the 8-foot is only good for one adult or two kids at a time, no matter that they show a family of four in the picture!) The Banzai Aqua Drench 3-in-1 Inflatable Splash Park will be available at ALDI starting May 20. ALDI is selling a massive 10ft inflatable swimming pool for your garden and you can buy it online. [EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2020 the Intex pool cost $49.99.] This pool is not an Aldi exclusive — it is available at a number of other outlets, including hardware stores, big box stores, and Amazon. The pool float took up almost the whole diameter of the pool, but that was not a problem. It was placed on a concrete patio with thick clear sheeting under it. }); Aisle of Shame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 2. All rights reserved. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One of the pools, which measures at 6ft wide or 202cm x … Nationwide, everything from kiddie pools to the large above-ground variety have been selling out.