So much so, the salt must be flushed from the fish before eating. What do Whiting Taste Like? All the dorsal fins on Cod are roughly the same length. Not only is this fish a rich source of proteins and vitamin B, but it is also a great table fare. I mean, let’s face it – cod liver oil … Many proteins are rather bland without seasoning and cooking styles. Atlantic cod fillets tend to be firmer than Pacific cod fillets, though both practically fall apart into tender flakes of lean, white meat, melting in your mouth. Those who favor shirako claim that it has a light, creamy taste, similar to a custard. Milt or soft roe also refers to the male genitalia of fish when they contain sperm, used as food. Cod is a popular, widely harvested fish because of its flaky, white flesh and mild taste. Cod (Bacalhau - as we call it in Portugal) is a very popular fish, with a mild taste, a white flesh, which is an important source of vitamins we all need, such as Vitamin A, D and E and the provider of important fatty acids known as Omega 3.Being a source for proteins, minerals, like phosphorus, calcium and iodine, its flesh is also almost 100 % cholesterol free. The taste is difficult to describe because it mixes with the smoked taste and the overall taste of the fish. Taste: mild, somewhat buttery ; Texture: delicate, flaky ; Preparation: Cod can cooked a number of different ways: seared, baked, poached, broiled, battered, the … However, when comparing cod vs haddock taste, we see that haddock features a bit stronger flavor, but they in the whole, they are like two peas in a pod Conclusion Finally, you have gone through all you need to know about haddock, and most importantly, what does haddock taste like. Salt cod is what it sounds like: cod fillets that have been preserved with salt. A lot of salt, in fact. Full sacs are white in color, opaque, and much firmer than empty ones. Once harvested – a process that happens when cod are being filleted for other dishes – the sperm sacs are eaten as is. Body size and shape: Cod are generally bigger and fatter than Haddock. Whiting has a sweet, delicate flavor and its meat is light, firm, and lean. Those who are not fans describe it more like a fishy custard. Cod vs. Haddock Taste. . It can also refer to the sperm sacs or testes that contain the semen. It’s served in both raw and cooked form in restaurants all over Japan, but many Japanese consider it an acquired taste. The word “shirako” means “white children,” and it is in season in the winter. The structure is very different from roe, very smooth, pasty and homogeneous, with a membrane outside that doesn't 'pop' when you bite trough it but you do feel it breaks (sound more disgusting than it is). To be honest, although I was excited about trying cod liver, I was not expecting to enjoy it. What Does It Taste Like? Cod fillets are also thick, while Haddock fillets are thin and flat. Whiting flavor is somewhat like that of a flakier cod, both of which belong to the Gadidae family. Milt as food. Haddock and Cod can be fun to fish for, but there’s one real reason people catch them: They’re delicious. BENEFITS OF COD FISH. Shirako is the milt, or sperm sacs, of male cod. Milt is the seminal fluid of fish, mollusks, and certain other water-dwelling animals which reproduce by spraying this fluid, which contains the sperm, onto roe (fish eggs).